"When evaluating mergers and other transactions, firm leaders may not fully appreciate the professional liability exposure that can come along with the proposed combination. As firms need guidance in this area, I refer them to Lemme. From firsthand experience I have seen the exceptional service and superior results they bring. Lemme’s professionals are proactive in helping firms take a long-term view, building relationships and solutions today that support those goals into the future." 

Allan D. Koltin, CEO
Koltin Consulting Group, Inc.


Among the professional services marketplace, consulting firms are unique in that the skills of its professionals and the work they perform can vary widely. The definition of ‘consultant’ is broad enough to cover professionals working in various areas, including:

  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Organizational Change
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Expert Witness

Equally as diverse are the insurers and products that make up this marketplace: From standardized products designed to insure a specific service, to generic offerings that can be customized to fit a particular need. It is important to have a broker who has relationships in this market and who can assist your firm in determining which insurers provide the best overall solution.

Policy forms differ greatly from insurer to insurer. Be sure you are working with a broker who can analyze and improve them for your benefit. Lemme professionals have experience crafting insurance solutions for a wide range of consulting clients, from technology to strategy firms, from private to public ownership structure, from a handful to thousands of consultants.